Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Sharepoint - Integrating MOSS+WWF+ASPX - Part 1

MOSS 2007 brings out the capability to use workflows defined within WWF; though not in the very easiest of ways. The number of steps to perform this action is a bit extensive. Sharepoint by default does let you define simple workflows using the sharepoint designer, but you would definitely have to go via the WWF path if there are too many custom business actions which needs to be performed during the workflow. Think about it, you get the full flexibility of the C# language and the .NET library once you start using the WWF - two steps away from heaven

Stuff you would need to define the workflow
WWF extension to VS.NET - to get the workflow designer and basic workflow project templates.
Sharepoint 2007 SDK - to get the sharepoint workflow templates and activities.

Quickest intro to WWF
Activities interact in sequence (sequential workfow) or via a trigger/state change (state machine workflow) to complete the work-flow. Activities are the building blocks for the workflow; once the WWF extensions are installed, you get a good set of activities to work with - while,if-else,delay,code etc etc.

Custom activities could be defined by the user (check out System.Workflow.Activities) such that these could be plugged into the workflow. While defining workflow, its interesting to note that the workflow definition could be defined in an XML file (XOML file actually) very easily. Its the same XML definition which gets depicted as interconnected boxes in the designer.

Once you have your workflow defined, whats remaining is hosting the same - the easiest option to test a workflow would be to write a console application which initiates the runtime (System.Workflow.Runtime.WorkflowRuntime) and starts the workflow by creating an instance of the previously created workflow using a WorkflowRuntime.CreateWorkFlow. Simple? Try it out... :)

Workflow for Sharepoint using WWF
Once you have the sharepoint SDK installed, you get a two new project templates and custom activities specific to sharepoint like createtask, deletetask, onwtaskchanged etc. We shall use these items in the next session to create a sharepoint workflow and later integrate this workflow into sharepoint.

Until then.

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