Monday, 14 June 2010

Cloud Thoughts - 1

A few cloud related thoughts

Cloud Cumulus

A single cloud access point that internally seamlessly talks with the subscribed cloud providers. Eg:- Subscriber A could subscribe to the services of Amazon, Google and Micrsoft (yes, Subscriber A is quite well off) cloud services. Subscriber A would deploy the same app on each of these servers and provide a single service URI. Subscriber A's customers would be serviced by one of the cloud provider seamlessly - perhaps with parts of the request being handled by more than one provider. Session states, data etc being shared across clouds is interesting.

For A's customer, there is only one cloud. The cloud of cloud providers / Cumulus Cloud accessed with a single entry point.

Perhaps, once the Unified Cloud Interface (UCI) is in place, this could be built?

Upgrade Ease

How easy is it to upgrade a cloud based app that is actively serving hundreds of users? Came across this for Azure :

Not sure what happens to the application state. If an 'In-Place' upgrade is followed, does it mean that at a particular point in time there could be two instance of the same application running on different versions?

Chess On Cloud

Though there are numerous instances of distributed chess engines, has anyone attempted to get a chess engine on the cloud? I guess the only person who can try this out today is Bill with his Azure and his $'s.

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