Sunday, 11 September 2011

Distributed apps and the browser

Wondering what the possibilities of exploiting the browser are to execute distributed applications, hopefully extending around Would be cool if browser users could voluntarily share their machines computing power for distributed application needs.

Why browser ? Simply because that is the most used app in an internet connected environment.

 Possibilities :

 1.) Javascript based apps - exploiting the underlying machine structures for threading, figuring out idle time might not be really feasible though AJAX could provide some capabilities.

 2.) HTML5 - a bit more promising, but how do you make sure the application lives outside the browsing session/page as you would want the processing to continue even after user moves across pages. This is worth a read :

 3.) Browser plugins/extensions/apps - worth a detailed research. As these components live within the browser app and not necessarily within a browsing page session. With enough security rights set-up, these components could in fact access the entire computing power of the underlying machine. Interesting.

Anyone currently implementing open source solutions around these areas / having thoughts , do ping me please.

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