Thursday, 29 March 2012

Interpreting software capabilities - smartly ?

What level of /intelligence/ does a software need such that it can interpret the capabilities / functions of another software?

a. Given the codebase for one software component, can it parse, deduce what the other software is trying to acheive ? (could be called : white-box analysis)

b. Can it watch the way this software component behaves in different situations (inputs) and then deduce behavior ? (black-box analysis). How much time before the it has /understood/ 80% of the behaviour? How could we quantify 80% when we do not know whats 100% ?

b.1 Would observer system watch discreetly or would it be an agreement wherein the observer provides a set of inputs to the observee to respond ?

(i think we are now in the realms of machine learning)

c. Most importantly, can it mimic the behaviors/capabilities that it learned?

d. Interestingly enough ,can the same observer software learn and mimic itself ?

A possible research area.

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